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Laser Dentistry Therapy

Dental Laster TherapyDental lasers are the pinnacle of current dental technology and serve a wide variety of needs within oral care. With laser dentistry, dental procedures are more precise, less painful, and require less time to heal than traditional dentistry procedures. Our comprehensive dentistry practice stays up-to-date with the latest in dental technology to provide each patient with the best care possible. Find out how you can save time and reduce pain with laser dentistry procedures from Comprehensive Dental Care.

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What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry utilizes intense beams of light projected by a dental laser. Dental lasers can be used to perform a number of different oral treatments, including soft tissue shaping, tissue removal, and laser periodontal therapy, among other dental services and procedures. Following FDA approval of lasers within the field of dentistry, laser dentistry has been used for increased precision, and less time for post-treatment recovery. Dental lasers cause less damage to surrounding oral tissue than that of traditional dental instruments, resulting in reduced discomfort and pain for patients as well as less time required to complete number of dental procedures.

Common Laser Dentistry Procedures

Laser therapy is utilized by our Florida DMD for number with a number of dental therapy procedures, including teeth whitening, removal of dental decay, and oral biopsy sampling.

Teeth Whitening

Lasers can be used in an in-office setting during teeth whitening procedures. After the Florida DMD applies a peroxide solution to the surface of the teeth, the solution becomes activated by the laser, which speeds up the whitening process and increases effectiveness of the whitening.

Tooth Decay Removal

Dental lasers can be used to remove decay and to help reshape gums to remove bacteria during a root canal procedure. During procedures such as dental fillings, laser dentistry can reduce bleeding and oral irritation due to increased precision of laser therapy.

Lesion Removal & Oral Biopsy

Lasers can be used to painlessly remove any lesions in the mouth. Dental laser therapy can also be used to remove oral tissue for biopsy sampling. Oral procedures performed with laser therapy result in less overall discomfort and oral bleeding from the patient.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Dentistry Therapy?

The key benefit to dental lasers is that they damage far less of the surrounding tissue than traditional techniques, which means less discomfort and pain for patients than with traditional dental procedures. Other benefits to laser dentistry include:

  • Quick healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Preservation of the natural tooth.
  • Reduced bleeding during and after dental procedures.
  • Less anesthesia required during treatment.
  • Reduced need for oral sutures and stitches.
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections following treatment.

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