No dental insurance? No problem! Without dental insurance coverage, people can be discouraged from seeking the proper dental care. At Comprehensive Dental Care, we aim to help our patients live healthier lives with stronger teeth and brighter smiles. Our dental membership provides patients with an affordable dental plan that covers all of their essential dental needs to make necessary dental healthcare accessible. To learn more about our dental memberships and get started, contact our Gainesville dental office to schedule an appointment for a new patient exam and start saving today!

We know that understanding dental insurance can be daunting, but we want to help our community members and local businesses cut out the middlemen, fight big insurance, and enroll in a dental plan that provides everyone with access to affordable dental care.

How Are Dental Membership Plans Different From Dental Insurance Plans?

It’s becoming more and more common for workplaces to not offer dental insurance to employees, which results in many individuals and families struggling to find affordable dental care options on their own.

Our membership plans offer high-quality dental procedures at a discount, with a flat fee every month. Completely cutting out insurance allows us to provide the best care at the best cost, so our patients never have to worry about receiving an unexpected bill for dental services.

We aim for complete transparency regarding the cost of dental procedures. The small, monthly fee from our dental membership plans provides patients with the ability to cover costs of essential treatment and receive discounts on additional dental services and procedures.

Contact us for more information about how to determine the type of dental coverage you need.

Advantages Of Our Dental Membership Plans

We are proud to offer dental membership plans with benefits that outshine the vast majority of conventional dental insurance plans. With our dental plans, patients enjoy no deductibles; no yearly maximum benefits, and no exclusions to coverage for cosmetic and elective dental care. When families can’t afford dental care or don’t have an employer that offers dental care, they skip dental cafe altogether. Staying vigilant about dental health can help prevent a myriad of problems down the road — prioritize your health with our Gainesville dentist!

Dentist wearing glasses, mask, and gloves

Included Preventive Care – $99/mo

Our preventative care dental membership plan covers 100% of preventive dental care appointments. This low monthly membership fee also allows you access to discounted rates on cosmetic and restorative procedures. You can receive the same superior dental care without the high cost of insurance.

  • Affordability. Easy monthly payments
  • Coverage. Complete coverage for preventative dental care and a 15% discount on additional services such as cosmetic dentistry and restorative care.
  • Additional Members. Add family members to your custom plan for a discounted, affordable price.
  • Better Than Insurance. No deductibles. No waiting periods. No annual limits.