Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten your smile and improve your appearance. Unfortunately, teeth can become stained from things such as smoking and coffee. Over time, this can cause a smile to look dull and discolored. While it’s mostly safe, there are a few things you should be aware of. Contact the Gainesville dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care today to schedule an appointment or learn more about teeth whitening.

Benefits Of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a quick and effective cosmetic dentistry service that can make your smile look brighter and healthier while boosting your self-esteem. Additional benefits of teeth whitening include the following.

  • Whiter teeth. Teeth whitening can help lighten stains from smoking, eating, or drinking certain things such as coffee, wine, juices, cola, and tomato sauces.
  • Fast results. At-home whitening kits only take a short amount of time to apply, and you can expect to see results after a few treatments. On the other hand, results from professional teeth whitening can be noticeable as soon as a day after treatment.
  • Safe. Teeth whitening treatments are considered safe and have relatively little chance of damaging teeth. However, safety is increased when a professional dentist performs teeth whitening.
  • Inexpensive. Most teeth whitening options are inexpensive, with at-home treatments being the most cost-effective. However, you will need many at-home treatments to achieve the same results as professional teeth whitening.
  • Multiple options. Several different options are available, from toothpaste and gel to strips and laser teeth whitening, depending on the extent of tooth stains, sensitivity, and other oral complications.

Disadvantages Of Teeth Whitening

While teeth whitening is generally considered safe and effective, there are a few things to be aware of before deciding on this dental treatment. Schedule an appointment with our dentist in Gainesville for more information or a consultation about your specific concerns.

  • Tooth sensitivity. Teeth whitening can cause or increase tooth sensitivity, also called dentin hypersensitivity. However, sensitive teeth are usually temporary and can be managed using alternative treatments or limiting the number of treatments in a given time.
  • Doesn’t work on all teeth. Brown, gray, and black discoloration caused by injury, medication, or overexposure to fluoride in young children might not respond well to teeth whitening. Additionally, crowns, caps, fillings, and dental veneers do not whiten well.
  • May exacerbate certain conditions. Tooth sensitivity and receding gum lines can be made worse by teeth whitening. Additionally, enamel erosion can worsen teeth with discoloration that can’t be whitened and can lead to cavities.
  • Temporary. Teeth whitening is only a temporary solution, with results lasting from a few months up to a year. To maintain results, reapplication will be required, increasing the risk of damaging teeth and gums.
  • Don’t use if you’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant, it’s best to avoid harmful chemicals such as peroxide and always consult your doctor before starting anything new.

Teeth whitening is a great option for most patients. Contact our dentists in Gainesville, FL, today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment!