Root canal treatment, also called root canal therapy, is a dental service performed to save or repair a tooth with extensive decay, damage, or infection. This endodontic procedure restores the tooth’s appearance, function, and health. A root canal from our Florida DMD can help save your oral health! Yet, sometimes, patients shy away from this treatment because of misconceptions.

Have no fear! Here, our Gainesville dentists debunk the top misconceptions about root canals, so you can go forth without fear and with the knowledge you need to restore healthy teeth! Contact our dental practice today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our root canal therapy.

Root Canal Treatment Causes Severe Pain

Root canal treatment is necessary when the soft pulp at the center of a tooth becomes infected or inflamed due to severe dental decay or injury. If the tooth is left untreated, it can become abscessed and cause significant pain. Yet, a common misconception about root canal treatment is that it is extremely painful. In reality, root canal procedures cause little-to-no pain thanks to amazing advancements in dental technology, modern dental techniques, and powerful anesthetics, all of which relieve patients from any significant discomfort throughout their procedure.

Teeth Roots Are Removed During Root Canals

Among the most common misconceptions about root canal treatment is that the roots of the treated tooth are removed during the procedure. But have no fear! This is not true. In reality, what happens during your root canal significantly differs from this. Endodontists have special training, taking great care to remove only what needs to be removed, ie: weakened or infected dental pulp inside your tooth. They do all this without disrupting or touching your tooth’s healthy roots underneath the treated area.

Root Canal Treatment Will Make You Feel Ill

If you’ve heard someone who got a root canal felt sick after their procedure, you shouldn’t feel concerned! There is no evidence that root canal therapy causes adverse side effects or health-related consequences. In actuality, root canal treatment improves patients’ oral health by extracting or removing harmful bacteria from their teeth and bodies. The only danger surrounding root canal therapy is not undergoing the treatment when you need it. In fact, having poor dental health can put you at a higher risk of developing certain health issues, like heart conditions.

Pregnant Patients Cannot Undergo Root Canals

Pregnant people have certain restrictions to keep them and their babies safe throughout their pregnancies. As such, it’s understandable that pregnant patients may feel wary about undergoing a root canal. There are several common dental procedures that should be avoided during pregnancy to ensure patient safety, but root canals aren’t among them. Our team of dentists and dental health professionals is well-equipped to care for our pregnant patients. We use all of the necessary protective gear to ensure any radiation risk during X-rays is extremely low and that root canals are safe for our patients.