At Comprehensive Dental Care, we take pride in treating patients with quality dental services and compassionate dental care. We strive to help each patient achieve the smile of their dreams with cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening; renew their oral health with restorative dentistry, such as dental implants; and revitalize their dental wellness through a number of different therapy treatments designed with patients in mind.

But don’t take our word for it — see what patients have to say about their experiences with our Gainesville dentistry practice. Schedule an appointment today for premier dental care.

I am very lucky to have found the most caring and professional dental care providers! The people in this practice always have a smile, are very empathetic and will go out of their way to help you.

Lorena E.

Wonderful competent and caring dental services provider with caring and empathetic people. Dr. Martin is professional, competent and able to fix dental problems with minimum pain or side issues. From dental cleanings to crowns they do it all. Receptionists Debra and Dani always are professional and try to add some humor to visiting the dentist. Tee is a wonderful, caring assistant also. You won’t regret choosing this office for you dental services.

Steve H.

Wonderful people, wonderful care! It’s like being part of a family. They follow you closely, from treatment to insurance claim. They give good advice too. They don’t want just your money, they want you to be good. I love this place!

Alberto D.

We could not be more blessed to have such a caring and competent dental group for our family! Dr. Martin, Regenia, Debra and Dani take remarkable care of our entire family!!! Thank you all for the work you do, your considerate spirits, and the amazing dental care your provide. Your services are among the very best!!!

Deborah H.

​I could write a long review on the attention to detail that is exhibited by both the Dentists and Hygienists, or I could talk about how fancy all their teeth cleaning gadgets are, or the awesome technology they use, or how friendly the office staff is, but here is all you really need to know…I actually look forward to going to the Dentist!

Sam P.

These folks have been my dentist for years and I can’t say enough about them. As a confirmed “dentaphobic” they have seen me through everything from cleanings to root canals and crowns with empathy, willingness to have a plan of care that makes me comfortable and professional behavior. My dental care has been exceptional, both with Dr. Jones and now Dr. Martin. An excellent team!

Ellyn R.

Very attentive, personalized care! I went in for a simple whitening, and I’m not the best dental patient . . . but the staff was incredibly open minded and understanding of my desires for natural and less conventional dentistry practices, answering lots of questions and explaining everything in a respectful interested collaborative way. Dr Martin has a great sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. The technology in the office was really cool, allowing images of places in my mouth I have never been able to see like that before, showing up on a large monitor as we spoke! This allowed total transparency in the claims made in diagnostic findings, which built immediate trust, and helped me make decisions on the spot about how I wanted to take corrective measures. My dental hygienist Tracy was super attentive, and made sure to sit with me through the whole procedure in the event we had to abort the bleaching process due to my sensitive teeth flaring up. In the end, I had no sensitivities in my teeth afterwards (a first!), and I scheduled a follow up to take care of a cavity. The office was really pleasant and peaceful. I look forward to going back.

Amy G.