Grinding teeth at night is a problem many people suffer from, often without even realizing it. Regular teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, on a regular basis can cause oral discomfort, soreness, damage one’s teeth, and even lead to temporomandibular disorders. Fortunately, patients can take some easy steps to stop grinding their teeth at night. Below, our Gainesville dental clinic outlines a few natural ways you can start treating and preventing teeth grinding.

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What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Excessive everyday stress or anxiety and a nervous personality type are often causes of bruxism. People affected by bruxism often report feeling tense, anxious, or like they’re under a lot of pressure. Additionally, those who suffer from chronic pain or sleep disorders are prone to bruxism. Essentially, when a person experiences a lot of stress or anxiety, it can cause them to tense up their jaw and apply unnatural amounts of pressure to their teeth. Since stress is the most common cause of bruxism, remedies to relax one’s mind and muscles are an effective natural treatment. Read on to discover some soothing practices that can help stop teeth grinding from our Gainesville dentists.

Take A Hot Shower Before Bed

Everybody loves a relaxing shower, and preventing bruxism is all about alleviating the body’s tensions. Hot showers and baths can help relax the body’s muscles and nerves. Better yet, hot showers can help release harmful toxins from the body, relieving tension and resulting in a refreshed feeling. Because of these benefits, taking a hot shower or bath before going to bed can help you wind down, relax, and relieve tension that could be causing you to grind your teeth.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise can increase your overall health, improve your sense of well-being, and help you develop better sleeping habits. Moreover, exercise helps increase the production of endorphins and has direct stress-relieving benefits. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can help relieve stress and lower the odds of grinding your teeth at night. Keep in mind the exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous. Even going on evening walks can help relieve stress and grant health benefits.

Drink Caffeine-Free Tea At Night

Drinking warm, caffeine-free tea has been shown to provide stress-reducing health benefits. While we’re on the topic, try not to consume any products containing caffeine late in the day. Consuming caffeine in the evening can make you jittery and increase the likelihood of you grinding your teeth at night. Instead, stick a calming chamomile tea to help you wind down before bed.