Surely, everyone wants to have healthy, beautiful, and white teeth. Among the most popular aesthetic and cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. Modern teeth whitening technologies offer non-invasive, safe, and effective professional procedures performed in our Gainesville dental office and options for at-home top-up treatments to help patients maintain their desired results.

All too often, individuals may come across myths about teeth whitening, whether due to an excess of diverse opinions or a lack of credible information. Here, our dentists in Gainesville, FL, with Comprehensive Dental Care, review some of the most common myths and facts about professional teeth whitening. Contact our office today to learn more about our available dental services and to schedule a teeth whitening appointment!

Myth: Whitening Makes Your Teeth Sensitive

One of the most common myths surrounding professional dental whitening is that it results in permanent sensitivity to teeth and gums. One of the potential side effects of teeth whitening is increased sensitivity, yet any sensitivity is temporary. Any sensitivity or irritation experienced subsides shortly after the procedure. Your dentist in Gainesville will advise you accordingly on how to minimize sensitivity.

Fact: Teeth Whitening Is A Safe Procedure

One of the most common questions we receive from patients about teeth whitening is its safety. In truth, teeth whitening is a very safe procedure and depending on the condition of your smile and the teeth whitening procedure performed, there may be little-to-no side effects. Any side effects, such as sensitivity, should dissipate within a few days of your procedure.

Myth: All Whitening Procedures Are The Same

Not true! In fact, there are several options available to choose from when it comes to teeth whitening. When our Gainesville dentists at Comprehensive Dental Care perform a teeth whitening procedure, we take our time to ensure the correct procedure is chosen for the patient’s needs and preferences and the procedure will achieve results in-line with the patient’s preferred level of whiteness and brilliance.

Fact: Multiple Whitening Options Are Available

We use various teeth-whitening techniques, including laser teeth whitening and custom teeth whitening, to tailor your experience to your unique needs and preferences. Our laser teeth whitening is an effective solution to discolored teeth that penetrates deep layers of each tooth for top results. Our custom teeth whitening with fitted trays offer more effective results than over-the-counter options.

Myth: Teeth Whitening Results Last Forever

While professional teeth whitening offers permanent results, different factors can dim the brightness of your smile after your procedure, especially if ongoing supplemental whitening treatments are not used. Daily meals, dental plaque, and other items eventually color the teeth, yet pursuing a healthy lifestyle, top dental health, and continuing cosmetic teeth whitening from Comprehensive Dental Care can help extend your results.

Fact: You May Need More Than One Session To Remove Teeth Stains

If this is your first time getting professional dental whitening, then you should be prepared for the possibility that a single session may not be sufficient to remove years or even decades of dental stains and discoloration. In reality, your teeth may require several sessions over months to achieve the desired level of whiteness. We recommend patients be patient during this time, as once their teeth are free from stains, it will be much easier for them to maintain their new smile!