If you’re considering undergoing orthodontic treatment to get perfectly straight teeth, you should know traditional metal braces might not be your only option. In fact, there are several ways to fix crooked teeth and bite issues, from traditional braces to clear ceramic braces and even clear aligners. Invisalign® uses clear aligners to shift your teeth, correct an improper bite, and perfect your tooth alignment over time. For proper candidates for this treatment, Invisalign eliminates several common woes of conventional braces, opening up new opportunities, promoting better oral health, and instilling greater self-confidence.

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Eat Your Favorite Foods

Orthodontic patients with traditional metal braces typically have to follow a restricted diet to avoid damaging their braces wires and brackets. Meaning, throughout the duration of their treatment, individuals with braces might not be able to eat the foods they love, such as foods that are hard to chew, very sticky, or tough. Among the benefits of getting Invisalign for eligible patients is the ability for patients to continue eating the foods they love throughout their orthodontic treatment! But, as with any orthodontic treatment, it is important to brush your teeth after each meal to avoid staining the clear aligners. Additionally, patients with Invisalign aligners should remove their aligner trays before eating or drinking anything other than regular water to avoid damaging the trays.

Maintain Good Oral Health

Patients may love the idea of being able to remove their orthodontic appliances, whether it’s to eat a meal or enjoy a beverage. While having Invisalign braces allows our patients to eat and drink what they want, that’s not the only perk! Clear aligners also make it easier for patients to maintain a good oral health routine, day and night. For those with traditional braces, it can be difficult to adequately clean their teeth. Food particles can become lodged in hard-to-reach areas, which can result in poor dental hygiene if not properly cleaned. Yet, patients with Invisalign trays can pop out their aligners and clean them plus their teeth and gums without barriers!

Enjoy Greater Comfort

Another benefit of Invisalign Vs. braces is aligner trays are kinder on gum tissue than traditional metal braces. Metal braces, brackets, and long wires haven’t been sufficiently trimmed can scrape the soft, delicate tissue on the inside of the mouth and cheeks. Clear aligners offer significantly greater comfort because they don’t have sharp, jagged edges that can cause oral injuries. The first week a patient wears their aligners may cause a feeling of pressure on their teeth as the tray shifts their teeth. However, this pressure is minimal and a positive sign their aligners are working properly. Unlike braces, teeth aligners don’t require tightening during appointments with your orthodontist! Our Invisalign dentists monitor your progress before giving you the next trays in your treatment plan.

Smile More Confidently

Orthodontic treatment with braces is highly common among pre-teens and teenagers, yet it’s never too late to straighten your teeth and achieve a perfectly aligned, healthy, and beautiful smile! If you require orthodontic treatment and think you might feel self-conscious about your appearance with metal braces, you prefer a less-hassle orthodontic appliance, or you simply want to smile more confidently while wearing an orthodontic appliance, Invisalign may be the option for you! Contact Comprehensive Dental Care today to schedule an appointment and ask our dentist in Gainesville, FL, if Invisalign is the right option for you!